Grace Center Foundation


I want to thank to Grace Center would like to thank their generous partners for the following contributions.

Hope Memorial Medical Clinic

Chuck Ruedebusch for building the Hope Memorial Medical Clinic in memory of Janet and Fritz Ruedebusch.

Grace Day Care

Kathy Farsaci, in honor of her husband, David, for building our first day care named Rosa Mystica after the Blessed Mother.

Children's Home

Bruce and Maribeth Herman and their children for building the current children’s home. Grant Thornton for the murals and tile.

Dining Hall and Meeting Room

David and Trina Goduti for building our current dining hall and meeting room, also used as a meeting room for our monthly mother's meetings.


Colin Schatz and Isabelle Rouleau for building the "Food for Soul" Kitchen.


Bruce Behling for paying for the roofs of so many of the buildings and also the after school program facility and the Milner Family Foundation for giving towards another significant part of the roof.

Grace Chapel

Grace for Children for building Chapel Jewel of the Nile in memory of Marcie’s best friend Jewel Imperial. And Slavica Zivkovic for the beautiful window painting and murals in the day care as well.

Grace Center's wall

Immanuel Baptist Church in Duncan, OK for building Grace Center's wall.


Sonrise Christian Church for helped purchase with many windows. Tracy McEwan for helping with many more windows. Grace Center Staff who even donated time and money to build our shop and other foundations.

Building Grace Center

There are so many others who have given toward building Grace Center, both volunteer teams and individuals. We cannot thank you enough for all you have done to save the lives of so many.

Small Business Center

An anonymous donor partner for the business program, sewing factory building and the administrative offices.